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Consumers are increasingly avoiding traditional marketing. Today’s marketers need to adopt new strategies to engage consumers in ways that invite participation in their brands. ConsumerSphere is singularly focused on helping businesses to effectively engage their customers with social media.

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Social media is having a major impact on public relations and advertising. Clients are expecting strategic social media solutions from their agencies. ConsumerSphere provides agencies that specialized expertise tailored for their needs.

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Something big is happening in fund raising- Social media: it’s big, it's important, it’s growing and non-profits need to understand how this powerful new tool is revolutionizing outreach.

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1. You tweet too much
2. You don’t tweet enough
3. You’re a spammer
4. You’re following spammers
5. You keep asking people to follow you
6. You openly discuss personal stuff
7. But you take everything personally
8. You’re a friend who acts like an enemy
9. You don’t have a bio
10. You’re following too many people
11. You only talk about yourself (or your product)
12. You project
13. #You #use #hashtags #for #every #frickin #word
14. There are no replies on your profile page
15. You’re a jerk
16. You don’t speak a word of English (harsh, but true)
17. You’re a bully
18. You’re too negative
19. You’re too positive
20. You’re forever the newbie
21. U twt n txt spk
22. You’re obsessed with follow count
23. You’re a different person in real life
24. You don’t appear to have a real life
25. You generate too much noise
26. You have a protected profile
27. We’re always asleep when you tweet
28. You’re a liar
29. You don’t know your limits
30. You’re part of the problem
31. All you do is criticise Twitter
32. You’re obsessed with celebrities
33. You keep making the same mistakes
34. You’re unprofessional
35. Your spelling and grammar is etroshus
36. You retweet everything
37. You’re too argumentative
38. You’re sloppy
39. You find everything offensive
40. You committee tweet
41. You just can’t let go
42. You blame the wrong people
43. You try to game it
44. You churn
45. You ask for retweets
46. You’re a security risk
47. You’re a metweeter
48. You think Twitter is boring
49. You’re always telling people when you unfollow them
50. Why would anyone follow you?

A new study from AOL and Nielsen highlights the importance of social media to B2B.

Study highlights include:

  • 32% of all Twitter posts contain content-sharing links; 73% of Twitter posts related to a specific industry (auto, tech, finance, and entertainment) contain sharing links.
  • 41% of all blog posts contain content-sharing links; 64% of industry-specific blog posts contain such links.
  • 12% of all Facebook posts contain content content-sharing links; 22% of industry-specific Facebook posts contain such links.