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Consumers are increasingly avoiding traditional marketing. Today’s marketers need to adopt new strategies to engage consumers in ways that invite participation in their brands. ConsumerSphere is singularly focused on helping businesses to effectively engage their customers with social media.

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Social media is having a major impact on public relations and advertising. Clients are expecting strategic social media solutions from their agencies. ConsumerSphere provides agencies that specialized expertise tailored for their needs.

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Something big is happening in fund raising- Social media: it’s big, it's important, it’s growing and non-profits need to understand how this powerful new tool is revolutionizing outreach.

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The “who, where, when and how much” components of social media tracking ConsumerSphere uses a state-of-the-art proprietary base tracking platform. In addition, we have assembled an arsenal of the best in breed vertical tracking capabilities and integrated them into a potent integrated tracking suite. Unlike traditional tracking companies, it is our philosophy to be constantly looking to improve our tracking suite capabilities as new technologies emerge versus committing extensive resources in creating, managing and selling a single “house” platform.
The “how, what, why” of the tracking data. Users of social media share a lot more than just their opinion. Those who enter the social media domain leave behind a lot of clues about who they are and how they think via information found in social bookmarks, comments, engagement, influence, friends, followers, downloads, favorites, views, votes and links. From all of these user actions, we can assess what's important, what ideas are gaining ground and who, or what, is having the biggest impact on your brand. Our tracking capabilities are designed to feed our insight analysis engine. We use a combination of highly advanced analysis software coupled with analysis by brand strategists for validation, qualitative assessment and insight development. Our analytics protocol provides analysis for the full range of social media activity: short term content extraction and topic analysis, medium term trending and long term deep dive brand and category analysis.
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Or proprietary, state-of-the art ROI metrics platform allows users to create social campaigns and gain insights into whether the interactions on social channels actually culminate in the desired behaviors (conversion, traffic, etc). Our performance-based  insights into measurable behaviors help companies in justifying their return from social marketing, and at the same time allows them to plan a better strategy for repeatable and increased returns. Contact us for a detailed description of how our proprietary Social ROI platform can help you effectively monetize your investment.

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