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Consumers are increasingly avoiding traditional marketing. Today’s marketers need to adopt new strategies to engage consumers in ways that invite participation in their brands. ConsumerSphere is singularly focused on helping businesses to effectively engage their customers with social media.

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Social media is having a major impact on public relations and advertising. Clients are expecting strategic social media solutions from their agencies. ConsumerSphere provides agencies that specialized expertise tailored for their needs.

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Something big is happening in fund raising- Social media: it’s big, it's important, it’s growing and non-profits need to understand how this powerful new tool is revolutionizing outreach.

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Solutions for Agencies

ConsumerSphere supports agencies with social media capabilities:
New Revenue Streams
By adding social media monitoring and analysis as part of your expertise not only will you serve the needs of your clients but you’ll unlock the potential to increase your revenue stream. By using tools provided by ConsumerSphere your agency can:

  • spend less time collecting and more time analyzing and recommending at value-added rates
  • uncover the top influencers affecting your clients’ brands and develop and execute a plan of engagement
  • find new opportunities for clients by analyzing online buzz
  • find and promote third party endorsements
  • guide clients into more advertising and engagement in social media as part of an overall strategy
  • give your creative department a new way to research an audience or use content for concept inspiration.

Impress potential clients with insight and analysis
Agencies are always looking to stand out in a crowd of competitors. Social media is having a major impact on public relations and advertising, so what better way to stand out from the pack than to use social media to your advantage. Particularly when it comes to landing new business for your firm. Be the social media expert and use the ConsumerSphere solution to gain powerful insights into the brands and corporate cultures of companies you’d like to turn into clients. Imagine the impact of revealing unknown issues or trends followed up with your agency’s view of how to creatively solve those issues or harvest discovered trends.

Retain clients by exceeding expectations
You’re only as good as your last campaign. That’s the tough reality of the public relations and advertising world. By using social media monitoring and analysis your agency can find additional ways to track campaign effectiveness. You can also reinvigorate client relationships by being the first to alert your client (and before they find out on their own) to new issues and developments brewing online. And when these issues are found you can provide recommendations ahead of client expectations, supported with real measurable data and delivered in an integrated fashion – expertise provided regardless of the type of media be it social or traditional.
For advertising, direct, event marketing & digital agencies

New Business

  • WOM insights that support pitch strategy
  • Concept exploration
  • User Generated ideation

Strategy & Positioning Development

  • Fresh new consumer insights that would rarely emerge in focus groups and quant.
  • Reveal new areas of opportunity for the brand
  • Understand global similarities and differences

Campaign Development

  • Campaign analysis; what people like and what opportunities exist?
  • Identify new ideas


  • Pre/post campaign launch or ongoing
  • Buzz, sentiment, engagement, velocity, advocacy


  • Key communities, influencers, evangelists, detractors and competitive users
  • How to create loyalty
  • Opinions, attitudes and usage

Engagement Programs


    Strategic Planning

    • What is social media and how is it affecting traditional media & marketing?
    • Examples of the ways in which social meeting is changing the Communications business
    • Integration of Social Media into the strategic planning process