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Consumers are increasingly avoiding traditional marketing. Today’s marketers need to adopt new strategies to engage consumers in ways that invite participation in their brands. ConsumerSphere is singularly focused on helping businesses to effectively engage their customers with social media.

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Social media is having a major impact on public relations and advertising. Clients are expecting strategic social media solutions from their agencies. ConsumerSphere provides agencies that specialized expertise tailored for their needs.

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Something big is happening in fund raising- Social media: it’s big, it's important, it’s growing and non-profits need to understand how this powerful new tool is revolutionizing outreach.

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Why Us?

ConsumerSphere sets the standard in social media solutions. Our process integrates state of the art tracking technology, superb analytical capability and strategic social media engagement, we help today’s companies, brands and business professionals better understand the influence and impact of social media on products, issues, reputation and image and importantly, act upon that learning.

Every day people are having conversations online. Forming around passions and interests, millions of blogs and hundreds of Social networks, message boards, wikis and media-sharing sites are discussing a vast array of subjects.

Facilitated by technology, often referenced as Web 2.0, voluminous amounts of Content are uploaded daily to participation sites. These sites, collectively known as Social media, make it easy for consumers to connect seamlessly with those around them: publishing their views openly, often for all to see. And conversations regularly revolve around brands.

As audiences seize control, attention and influence shifts outside of a brand’s immediate control. Companies need to recognize that people are engaging with brands with or without them. This presents both a risk and an opportunity.

The rise of social media is not only changing the relationship between brand and audience, it is affecting the traditional marketing and PR metrics. Social media offers insights and understanding never before achievable.

Before the internet, people talked about brands. Usually one-on-one or in small groups, they exchanged stories about brands, products, shopping experiences, politics, recommendations, sports, jokes etc. Conversations, previously out of site of marketers, are now freely available online.

Today, brands have unprecedented access to powerful audience information. The question is, how does this affect the traditional methods of detailing brand positioning?

Social media is now a mainstream phenomenon.
What is social media

Social media is the term used to encompass the technology and practices people use to share thoughts, opinion, information and perspectives online. Social media takes many different forms and can include content from video and audio to graphics and text.

Typically, content is generated by people (sometimes referred to as User Generated Content – UGC, or citizen journalism). However, the adoption of social media technology by the mainstream media and brands is also turning it into a communications tool. In this situation, professional content producers such as journalists or employees create social media.

Sites often considered as social media include:

  • Blogs
  • Message boards
  • Forums
  • Social networks (MySpace or Facebook)
  • Video sharing (YouTube)
  • Picture sharing (Flickr)
  • Podcasts
  • Vidcasts
  • Wikis
  • Groups
  • Virtual words or communities

All share common traits: they are editable, they are participative, they allow audiences to add content and they connect people.